Publishing high quality research papers

And by devaluing assessment made at the time of publication, this new system would facilitate the development of a robust system of post publication peer review in which individuals or groups could submit their own assessments of papers at any point after they were published.

The expansion OA publishing would have the advantage of facilitating the emergence of smaller, more specialized academic journals.

Open access

The Editorial Board were particularly impressed with Stephan's outstanding contributions to semiconductor nanoscience and nanoelectronics research. This makes researchers less effective and limits the value we all get from the billions of dollars we invest in science every year.

In the next section, we turn to possible strategies that could lessen Publishing high quality research papers bargaining power of the journal publishers and restore some measure of balance between publishers and academic libraries.

In many fields, such as literature and history, several published articles are typically required for a first tenure-track job, and a published or forthcoming book is now often required before tenure.

Some critics also point out the lack of funding for author fees. And, over 13 years, I have stuck completely to my pledge. To understand just how crazy this system is, you need to understand a bit more about how scientific journals work and what the life cycle of a scientific idea looks like.

Why, twenty years after the birth of the modern Internet, is it a felony to download works that academics chose to share with the world?

Electronic Journal of Academic and Special Librarianship

Thomes and Clay, It is up to the players in the market to decide how they will use the means at their disposal. The Electronic Frontier, ed. Astronomical sciences, Chemistry, Materials science, Mathematics, Physics and etc.

The dominance of the commercial publishers will be challenged only if the other players use the opportunities available to them.

Competition heats up in the world of high-quality scientific research

All authors are requested to submit their paper by checking scope of the journals of respected Journal page. Good data and good ideas in science are constantly evolving, and scientific papers should evolve over time as new data, analyses, and ideas emerge ā€” whether they support or refute the original assertions.

Anatomy, Anesthesiology, Cardiology, Cardiovascular medicine and etc. The process is relatively simple ā€” no need to ping pong from one journal to another in order to find the highest impact home.

An expert in publication will discuss important components of a research manuscript and some common pitfalls in manuscript preparation. Universities[ edit ] A growing number of universities are providing institutional repositories in which their researchers can deposit their published articles.

Although the large majority of scientific output and academic documents are produced in developed countries, the rate of growth in these countries has stabilized and is much smaller than the growth rate in some of the developing countries.

Inelastic demand explains how publishers can persistently increase the price of journals with little resistance on the part of either faculty or the academic library. Understand the impact of your research We are pleased to announce a new partnership with Altmetric to provide a deeper understanding of how published research is being used.

Inthe NIH Public Access Policyan open access mandate was put into law, and required that research papers describing research funded by the National Institutes of Health must be available to the public free through PubMed Central within 12 months of publication.

Agriculture, Anatomy, Astrobiology, Behavior, Bioacoustics and etc. The awareness raising activities of the AOASG include presentations, workshops, blogs, and a webinar series on open access issues. Strategic Solutions A time-honored strategy that addresses the problem of publisher concentration is the creation of buyer consortia or alliances among academic libraries.

And why not ā€” so long as scientists were still giving them papers, and universities were buying them back, it was a great business. Rather than acting as oligopolists that profit by controlling access to a small number of prestigious journals, they may be forced to act as agents of the libraries, negotiating with journal providers and packaging e-journals as requested by the libraries.

Because in addition to pay walls, the balkanization of the scientific literature into hundreds of publisher fiefdoms stops researchers from developing new ways to organize, extract information from and improve the navigability and utility of the scientific literature.Online custom essays, term papers, research papers, reports, reviews and homework assignments.

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*Industrial ratios based upon accounting periods from April 1 of year listed to March 31 of following year. As can be noted from the table, the operating profit margins for Elsevier in the Science and Medical segment are extraordinarily high.

Horizon Research Publishing (HRPUB) is a worldwide open access publisher serving the academic research and scientific communities by launching peer-reviewed journals covering a wide range of academic disciplines.

As an international academic organization for researchers & scientists, we aim to provide researchers, writers, academic professors and students the most advanced research. I gave a talk last night at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco about science publishing and PLoS.

There will be an audio link soon, but, for the first time in my life, I actually gave the talk (largely) from prepared remarks, so I thought Iā€™d post it here.

Welcome to SAGE. Sara Miller McCune founded SAGE Publishing in to support the dissemination of usable knowledge and educate a global community.

AHRQ invests in research and evidence to make health care safer and improve quality.

Publishing high quality research papers
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