Jan brett armadillo rodeo writing activities

Treva and her dog, Tuffi, are having issues with a group of pesky trolls that are sneaking their things.

Armadillo Rodeo Book Companion in Digital and PDF Formats

And then a mouse got in and ate up my cookies! Session 6 Commend students on how great they are getting at comprehending stories through retelling and identifying story elements.

Share an example i. Have students work at computers to complete their individual Story Cube, and collect finished work for assessment.

Picture Understanding! Building Comprehension in the Primary Grades With Picture Books

Ask students to complete their paper copy as you fill in the online version. What made you want to include that?

Armadillo Rodeo

After the gingerbread baby pops out of the oven, have students describe the character and predict the conflict. How have you developed and maintained such an enchanting view of the world and what advice would you give our party attendees about viewing the world in spite of frightening times?

The feeling you get when you create something entirely new is very compelling. I would like to if I had time, but I spend most of my time drawing. Tell them that they will now choose a book on their own and complete a Story Cube.

Children just love it. When you read, you have to make sure you understand, or comprehend, these parts of the story. Sometimes I get ideas from childhood.

He has to be restricted, so try not to give him too much junk food.

Reading with Jan Brett

After reading this story the teacher can present information to students about armadillos. At the end of the story, have students share the resolution. When everyone finds the gingerbread baby missing, have students share ideas about what happened.

It seems like the mice are not happy in these places. My unit includes more of course.Armadillo Crafts and Learning Activities for Kids Read Armadillo Rodeo by Jan Brett about an armadillo named Bo and his great adventure in the Texas countryside and at the rodeo.

Jan Brett Teaching Ideas, Lesson Plans, Printables, Activities

Have your children study the pictures. Read aloud Jan Brett’s Armadillo Rodeo, and discuss the major story elements during reading. After reading page 1, discuss how the characters are a family of armadillos. Talk about how Bo is probably the most important because he is the only one with a name.

Armadillo Rodeo by Jan Brett writing (make it cuter with construction paper- no coloring sheet boot! Find this Pin and more on ye-haw!

Jan Brett Interview Transcript

by Sarabeth. We read Armadillo Rodeo and colored a cowboy boot. Armadillo Rodeo by Jan Brett Guided Reading Unit with before, during, after activities for vocabulary, comprehension and responding to reading.

Find this Pin and more on Products from Comprehension Connection by Comprehension Connection. Armadillo Rodeo is a sweet and sassy book by Jan Brett.

This comprehension focused book companion includes materials to use with a guided reading group before/during/after reading in both PDF and DIGITAL formats using Google Slides TM.4/5(57). The Armadillo Rodeo by Jan BrettThis is a great writing/craftivity lesson to do at the beginning of the school year or anytime.

This would also be perfect with a western unit of study. A FREEBIE.

Jan brett armadillo rodeo writing activities
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